1. I frequently have the feeling that my life has little or no purpose.
2. I mostly feel bored and indifferent by what is going on around me.
3. I often feel that my accomplishments are pretty worthless.
4. I usually feel that I am merely existing, not really living.
5. I generally feel that it is useless to discuss things with others because they never really understand.
6. My daily activities mostly seem to be rather pointless.
7. I generally feel depressed when I think about the future.
8. I have never found any type of work that I really enjoy.
9. My feelings don’t seem to mean anything to anyone else.
10. I find religion to be rather empty.
11. I feel that it is useless to convince anyone else of anything.
12. I often feel that I have little to look forward to.
13. I never seem to enjoy things the way others seem to.
14. I generally feel that I am getting nowhere no matter how much effort I put forth.
15. I rarely take a strong interest in what I am studying.
16. There is nothing in my past life that is particularly worth remembering.
17. I feel that my life is of no real importance to anyone.
18. I feel that there is little, if anything, in this world that is particularly worth pursuing over a long period.
19. My life seems to be rather meaningless.
20. I find it difficult to believe strongly in anything.
21. Generally, I feel that what I do is pretty useless.
22. I usually don’t know what to do with myself.
23. I do not have any important goals in life.
24. I seldom feel a strong sense of responsibility for any other person.
25. I mostly feel all alone in the world.

- Ansiedade ZERO!
- Futuro INCERTO!

3 comentários:

  1. Isso vai mudar, podes ter a certeza querida :)

  2. Querida Ana, temos o nº 23 em comum! O que não é necessariamente mau. Assim, tudo o que vem a mais, é sempre bem recebido. ;)